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Contacting Crane
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Communications are the cornerstone of our business
  • By Email
    The fastest way to communicate with Crane is via email.

    • For Information, Questions or Help
      Click here to email the Help Desk at

      Notice: Crane's policy is to respond to all emails within 24 hours.
      If you have not received an email response from Crane please call (305) 280 - 6742.
      Please leave a telephone message if we do not answer. We return calls as soon as possible.

    • Techinical Information
      Emailing have become very techincal, complex, and on occasion confusing. Crane continues to reduce the complexities by keeping it simple as possible. See the below information about sending and receiving emails.

    • About Receiving Email From You
      We like to hear from you!
      • An Email can include attachments, All attachments must total 20 MB or less.
      • Crane supports PDF, TIF, JPEG file type attachments.
      • Native Microsoft, Quark, and Pagemaker files (to name a few) are scanned by Crane for executable code.
        If executable code is found it deletes the email rather than put it into Crane's Inbox, or puts the email into Crane's "Spam" folder

    • About Sending Email To You
      We never send unsolicted email to you.
      • Crane sends emails in both HTML and plain text.
      • If you cannot read an email please let us know so we address the problem.

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