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What are Advance Readers?
Depends upon who is receiving the Advance Reader.
Advance Readers and the concepts behind them have fostered much confusion over the past few years. These terms are being used less than they were five years ago. Below are the generally accepted working definitions by the publishing trade for these terms.
Advance Readers
Can be an Advance Reader Proofs or Advance Reader Copies.

Advance Reader Proofs
They are functionally Bound Galleys and generally have "Advance Reader Proof," "Advance Reader Copy," or "Advance Reader" on the front cover.
They are used to promote a publication with in the reviewing community in advance of the book being printed for distribution or sale.
They are used as Bound Galleys to promote the book and encourage reviews.
They are not as popular or commonly used as they once were.

Advance Reader Copies
When you print the actual book to be sold, an additional number of books are produced for the Advance Reader Copy purpose.
The front cover run has a printed notice stating that these books are for use as Advance Readers, or Advance Reader Copies.
They are used to assist in the distribution of the book.
There are NOT used as Bound Galleys to promote the book and encourage reviews.

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