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History of Bound Galleys...
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Crane produced the first bound galley...
Over 52 years since the first bound galley was made. The original Bound Galleys were called Crane's and is a commonly used term today by the trade.
Priscilla Crane, an imaginative woman with a background of more than 35 years in the book publishing trade, set up a small print shop on Cape Cod and manufactured 15 advance copies of a book for Viking Press. She was the first to do this, and Crane Duplicating became the first company whose sole function was the printing and binding of "advance review copies". Since the first Viking bound galley, Crane has printed and bound proofs on more than 174,000 titles.

They were originally marketed to publishers as advanced review copies, but the salespeople called them bound galleys and Crane's. Today, Bound galleys are also referred to as Uncorrected Page Proofs, and advanced reader copies. The bound galley provided new possibilities for publishers in the promotion of books. A fast source of low cost, multi copy editions was now available and still is over 50 years later.

Advance review copies, generically called "Cranes" and also variously referred to as bound galleys, readers' proofs, BOMs (for Book of the Month), review copies, and prepublication copies were soon recognized as a blessing to publishers and reviewers alike. "Cranes" are printed on both sides of the page in clear type, perfect bound, making the bound galley easy to handle and read.

As a result of their low unit costs, copies can be made available to all potentially important reviewers, and can also be used for sales and marketing purposes.

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