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Below are the top three problems found with disks. Save time and keep from incurring additional charges by making sure these top three items are not problems.
  1. Fonts
    • Missing fonts is the largest font problem. People often miss a bold, italic, or a member of a font family. Remmember there are many font members for a given font family. Send us the entire font family you are using.
    • Font feature is part of an add on or additional license feature. Some desktop publishing systems will compute the bold from one font member of a font family. These do not reproduce well and you need to watch this type of problem closely.

  2. Graphics
    • Missing Graphics is the largest graphics problem. To avoid these problems make sure all images used are sent to us. Do not load images internal to the document.
    • Graphic does not fit space reserved.
    • Graphic is not compatible with Crane's image setter.
    • Graphic requires a color, greyscale or black and white adjust to print properly.

  3. Virus-Worm-Disks
    • Disk found to contain a virus, worm, or other problem our virus protection system detects. Make sure each disk file has been scanned for viruses before sending.
    • Un Zipped, Un Stuffed, Decompressed Disk contain a virus, worm, or other problem our virus protection system detects. Make sure each file is scanned for viruses prior to being compressed.

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