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Troubled disks
Costs associated when Customer Supplies a Troubled Disk
If files are compressed, the decompression program must also be supplied. There will be additional charges for decompressing files.
When disks are not trouble free:
  1. An Email Notification is sent to Customer
    This email informs you that Crane has ran in trouble with Customer computer disks. If this trouble is known, Crane will advise you of the known trouble. Customer has two options:
    Option One is that Customer will supply additional trouble free disks.
    Option Two is to authorize Crane to work on Customers supplied troubled disk on a fee basis.

    Await for new disk or email submission Customer will supply

    The following charges to receive Customer new disks and restart the job are:
    • E-mail or FTP Files - $10.00 per submission
    • Restart Job - (New Disk - E-mail - FTP) - $20.00

    Crane has been authorized by Customer to proceed to work on your troubled disk

    The following charges will apply while working on Customer supplied computer disks
    • Time and Material at $40.00 per hour plue any of the below additional charges
    • Virus found on your disk!
      (Correct Before Submitting Future Disks) - $40.00 per disk
    • Decompress Files - $10.00 minimum
    • Scan Halftones (Includes Sizing and Placing) - $8.50 each
    • Adjust Halftone Values on Furnished Scans - $2.00 each
    • Place Furnished Scans in File - $2.00 each
    • Bleeds/Screens/Reverses - $20.00 minimum
    • Identify Missing Fonts - $20.00 minimum
    • Convert File to Usable Format (RGB to CMYK or Other) - $5.00 each
    • Correct Color Splitting - $20.00 minimum
    • Silhouetting - $20.00 minimum
    • Trapping - $20.00 minimum
    • Adjust Spine - $20.00 minimum
    • Combine Covers with Spine or Flaps - $40.00 minimum
    • E-mail or FTP Files - $10.00 per submission
    • Extra 8.5x11 Film & Strip - $8.00 each (Why?)
    • Extra 6x9 Film & Strip - $6.00 each (Why?)
    • Restart Job - (New Disk - E-mail - FTP) - $20.00

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