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When a term has more than one meaning, all explanations are displayed.
F&G   A term in the binding process referring to folding and gathering.  
Fan fold   Paper folding that emulates an accordion or fan, the folds beingalternating and parallel.  
Fatface   Type that is quite varied in its use of very thin and very wide strokes.  
Felt   A cloth conveyor belt that receives papers from the Fourdrinier wire and delivers it to the drier.  
Felt finish   The smoother side of paper, usually a soft weave pattern used for book papers.  
Felt side   It is the top side of the sheet in the paper making process that does not lie on the Fourdrinier wire.  
Filling in   A fault in printing where the ink fills in the fine line or halftone dot areas.  
Film   Used to make the printing plates with. Output from an imagesetter or taken with a camera.  
Film coat   Also called wash coat; any thinly coated paper stock.  
Finish   The surface quality of paper.  
Fist   A symbol used in printing to indicate the index; seen as a pointing finger on a hand "+".  
Fit   The registration of items within a given page.  
Flash point   A term given to the lowest temperature of ignitibility of vapors given off by a substance.  
Flat   The assemblage of negatives and positives which are used as a composite image to create the printing plate.  
Flock paper   Paper that is patterned by sizing, and than coated with powders of wool or cotton, (flock).  
Floppy Disk   A portable computer disk used for transferring information from one computer to another. Type and Artwork can be stored and transferred on a floppy disk. There are different formats. Be sure to tell your printer you are using a Macintosh disk or a PC disk, and what program you used to "build" your info. Also "Syquest Disks" are used for color photos and color separations which hold a lot more information than a 3.5" floppy.  
Fluid ink   Also called liquid ink; ink with a low viscosity.  
Flush cover   A bound book or booklet etc. having the cover trimmed to the same size as the text.  
Flushed pigment   The results of combining a wet ink pigment with a varnish and having the wet pigment mix or transfer over to the varnish.  
Foils   Papers that have a surface resembling metal.  
Font   The characters which make up a complete typeface and size.  
Fonts   All alphanumeric characters and punctuation marks in a particular typeface. Eg. Times Bold. Not a character on "Happy Days", played by Henry Winkler. (that's the "Fonz")  
Form rollers   The rollers that come into direct contact with the plate of a printing press.  
Four Color Process   The usual process of printing full color photos. (See CMYK).  
Fourdrinier   A machine with a copper wire screen that receives the pulp slurry in the paper making process which will become the final paper sheet.  
Free sheet   Any paper that is free from wood pulp impurities.  
Fringe   A halo that appears around halftone dots.  
Fugitive inks   Colors that lose tone and permanency when exposed to light.  
Furnish   The slurry mixture of fibers, water, chemicals and pigments  
Fuzz   A term for the fibers that project from the paper surface.  

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