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Via E-Mail
  1. Crane accepts disks via Email
    • Customer should check number of characters you can transmit in an email attachment and/or entire email. Each Internet Service Provider that offers email has different email limits. Contact your Internet Service Provider and determine the Internet Service Provider limits are. Then you can determine how many email messages are required to transmit disks to Crane.
    • Customers are encouraged to follow the below Email procedure for email transmissions to Crane. Receiving unexpected E-mail and attachments causes confusion at Crane.
    • All unsolicited, unexpected email is checked for viruses and worms; quarantined; then deleted.
    • At this time, we can accept a packed, or unpacked disks and/or files sent by email.

  2. Crane's Email Procedure To Submit A Computer Disk
    • Contact your Customer Service Representative at Crane.
      If you do not have a Crane Customer Service Representative (click here) to email Crane to establish a Crane Customer Service Represensative. Please add the title of the book, your phone number, and best time of day to contact you.
    • Your Crane's Customer Service Represensative will contact you to discuss your project.
    • Crane will then authorized you to send the disk via email.
    • PC E-mail attachments should be zipped, and Mac E-mail attachments should be stuffed to preserve the code and help guarantee an accurate transmission only when instructed by Crane. PDF disks do not required to be zipped or stuffed.
    • Customer sends email(s) containing the disk to your email address provided you.

  3. Unauthorized Emails Are:
    • Deleted.

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