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Via UPS, Fed Ex, Airbourne, or U.S. Mail
  1. Crane's Procedure To Submit A Computer Disk
    • Produce and assemble hard copy. Required unless PDF disk supplied.
    • Produce and assemble computer disks. Not Required if Customer wants Crane to print from hard copy.
    • Produce and assemble quote or note stating what you want Crane to do.
    • Produce and assemble note Customer phone number, email address, and best time of day to contact you.
    • Produce and assemble note shipping address where books should be shipped to.
    • Pack above items securely in shipping carton or shipping envelope.
    • Send to Crane at 4915 Rattlesnake Hammock Rd, Naples, FL 34113, USA
    • After Crane receives Customers package an order acknowledgment is sent to customer
    • Order is then produced by Crane according to Customers requirements.
    • Crane Ships order to Customer based on Customers Shipping instructions.

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