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What Crane Does...
Crane keeps you informed.
From receipt of Customer's order to shipping tracking numbers you are kept abreast of order developments.
  • Crane Receives your order
    Each package and email order received is open, inspected, and an Crane Production Order is written.

  • Crane Sends Customer an Order Acknowledgement
    Crane email's Customer an Order Acknowledgement. This acknowledgement contains information about the entire order such as; Price of order, details of what Crane believes the order is, any differences between the quote and the actual order, shipping instructions, and any problems Crane is aware of at time of order.

  • Customer Approves or Rejects Crane's Order Acknowledgement
    Customer must accept the Order Acknowledgement before the order can be sent to production by advising Crane by email. In the there are issued to be resolved, Crane sends updated Order Acknowledgement for Customer approval.

  • Crane Manufactures Customer Order
    Crane produces the order. In the event something is not right, Crane will stop the order and advise Customer. Crane works closely with Customer to resolve problems found.

  • Crane Ships Customer Order
    Shipped as per the Order Acknowledgement Shipping instruction. Customer can change shipping instructions up to the time the shipper picks up the shipment for delivery to the Customer. Crane sends Customer an email with tracking numbers so Customer can track progress of shipment.

  • Crane Waits For Customer Feedback
    We enjoy getting positive feedback. We post all of it on the company bulletin board. Crane contacts all Customers when the feedback is negative. Crane works with Customer until the Customer gets satisfaction.

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